Software engineer, musician, filmmaker, horror enthusiast, dog person.

about me

Hi, I'm Mark.

By day, I'm a software engineer based in Clutch City, and I build applications for the web, mostly with Javascript. Mostly.

Outside of work, I write poetry, prose, and screenplays, build games, and collaborate with friends to make music and films. I also take an embarrassing number of photos of my dog, Gatsby, and can quote nearly all of Jurassic Park.

Yours truly.



Multiplayer Snake. Uses WebSockets to connect players online. Implements snakes as circular buffers with O(1) reads and writes.

code javascript html5-canvas socket-io


The classic game of luck and logic, but with the ability to design and share custom minefields! Designed as a serverless application, with a Node backend API deployed on Heroku, and a React client-side application deployed with Now.

code javascript inferno-js jest heroku now circle-ci postgresql express rest-api

Wedding RSVP App

A responsive React/Redux wedding RSVP program using Google’s Sheets API to turn a Google Drive spreadsheet into a free database. This project also needed to support i10n, since my wife’s family only speaks Spanish.

code javascript react redux i10n babel webpack google-sheets-api


Reference implementation of Braintree’s Drop-In UI, built in a declarative paradigm using React and Redux.

code javascript react redux webpack express rest-api braintree


A React-powered, two player, online nim game, using WebSockets to push updates to players. Built in two days.

code javascript LESS react babel webpack express socket-io


JS web-based motion-sensing virtual drum kit. Built in 24 hrs. Won 2nd place at CodeRED MLH hackathon, Spring 2015.

code javascript LESS grunt socket-io


“Translates” user text input into tiled mosaics of randomly generated colors.

code ruby SASS erb yaml sinatra


4 years as a software engineer, working on enterprise user interfaces.

Download my resume, or feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile and Github account for a more complete picture of my background, and the kinds of projects I've worked on so far.

Software EngineerJP Morgan Chase (Houston, TX)

Guided transition of several legacy applications to modern web stacks, and increased their test coverage from 0% to > 75%; contributed to establishment of standards and best practices used across LOB-wide front-end teams, including linting, automatic code formatting, testing, and code design patterns; developed and maintained firm-specific application bootstrapping scripts, forked from react-scripts; supervised team of 3 UI engineers.

javascript typescript react redux immutable-js create-react-app webpack jest enzyme jenkins

Software EngineerStardog Union (Remote)

Contributed to architecture, development and design of several front-end focused projects, including a Visual Studio Code extension for syntax highlighting and running queries against company’s flagship database; and a serverless, responsive React web-app, leveraging Amazon Web Services for multi-factor authentication, user role and permission management, REST services, and database storage.

javascript typescript stylus react semantic-ui-react create-react-app jest enzyme circle-ci nodejs express rest-api aws aws-dynamodb aws-lambda aws-api-gateway aws-cognito

Front-End EngineerCitrusbyte (Remote)

Led frontend development in a small squad of remote engineers focused on delivering modern, scalable, standards-compliant, responsive web-apps. Implemented new client-side architecture and build setup using React, Redux, and Webpack that enabled faster development and component reuse. Resolved 50% of documented UI bugs within a month of joining the team.

javascript LESS react redux redux-saga webpack ansible nodejs express rest-api

Software EngineerPros, INC (Houston, TX)

Contributed to development of a boilerplate template based on newly implemented tech stack that decreased the time-to-productivity for new developers. Worked closely with UX and Design teams to rapidly prototype and pitch proof-of-concepts for new products. Helped extract common UI components into an internally-shared component library. Leveraged Webpack to reduce average build time and CPU usage by 87.5% and 93%, respectively.

javascript java LESS ember-js react redux redux-saga webpack docker nodejs express rest-api

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